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Research and validation of biomedical and biotechnology solutions

The first and only company in Brazil to test materials against SARS-CoV-2

O DNA USP é a marca criada para identificar empresas que possuem conexão com a Universidade de São Paulo. Além de ser co-fundada por Alumni USP, a Quasar Bio faz parte das empresas residentes no Cietec, incubadora da USP na cidade de São Paulo.


The first and only company in Brazil to test materials against SARS-CoV-2

Somos a primeira empresa brasileira a realizar testes em materiais e equipamentos contra SARS-CoV-2, causador da pandemia de Covid-19. Já se somam 18 empresas atendidas e mais de 30 produtos com atividade antiviral testada pela Quasar Bio, contribuindo no oferecimento de produtos à sociedade para o combate à pandemia.

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Our Portfolio


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Tubos de ensaio
Development of phenotypic assays
Prescription Drugs
Drug Repositioning
Pratos de Petri
Product testing agains SARS-CoV-2

Who we are and what we do

Quasar Bio is a biotechnology-based research company for the development, discovery, and validation of new solutions for chemotherapy and control of human and animal diseases.


We have a portfolio of high-tech assays based on the evaluation of phenotypic activity in cell assay models to determine efficacy and characterize the mechanism of action in the cellular microenvironment. We develop new tests on demand, being able to use chemical compounds (small molecules, natural or biological products), in addition to developing drug discovery projects and evaluating the activity of bioactive compounds.

Phenotypic Screening

Our flagship. We are a pioneer group in phenotypic screening, working with this technology for over 15 years, with techniques based on a long history of successful scientific publications, mainly dedicated to the discovery of drugs for neglected diseases such as Chagas disease, leishmaniasis, malaria, and dengue, in addition to promising discoveries of drug repositioning for emerging diseases such as the Zika virus and Chikungunya.

Células vero infectadas com SarsCov-2
Células vero infectadas com SarsCov-2

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Detecção automática de infecção
Detecção automática de infecção

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Análise de citotoxicidade
Análise de citotoxicidade

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Células vero infectadas com SarsCov-2
Células vero infectadas com SarsCov-2

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We are a bridge between University and Companies for the development of research and products for the benefit of society.


Partnerships for Science

Quasar Bio bridges the gap between companies and universities, linking researchers at major Brazilian universities to the latest equipment made available by partner companies Promega and Pensabio. The Promega GloMax® Explorer microplate reader equipment marks a revolution in phenotypic analysis and is available, at Quasar Bio, to any researcher who needs to carry out related experiments.

Luminescence, Fluorescence and Absorbance Reading


The Promega GloMax® Explorer microplate reader, which performs highly accurate measurements with high sensitivity, capturing from the most intense signals to the weakest ones. The same equipment performs the reading of luminescence, fluorescence and absorbance, and it is possible to work with the most diverse types of assays, from cell viability, toxicity and metabolism, kinase, cell signaling, reporter gene, nucleic acid quantification for NGS, PROTACs and protein degradation, bioassays, BRET, ELISA and even water quality tests.

IR-CR-Mechanisms of Tox-3D-Imag
GloMax Instruments


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Jornal da USP

USP will test thousands of drugs to treat the new coronavirus

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Jornal da USP

Technology indicates which compound inhibits yellow fever virus

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Bom dia Brasil - Globo

Research shows that medicine for chronic hepatitis C also eliminates chikungunya virus

Meet our team

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Dr. Lucio Freitas Junior

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Fernando Tocantins



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